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Flow simulation
Why use computer flow simulation in high pressure die casting?
Today the lead time from early design to production ready design is getting shorter and shorter. This means that any production delays due to unfavourable design are not accepted under any circumstances. Using computer flow simulation of the high pressure die casting process minimize the run-in time for new products and also minimize the risk for major failures and large delays. Flow simulation is also used on already running productions that has an unacceptable high failure rate and is therefore running with a loss. The information level from flow simulations is extremely high and defects such as

• air inclusions
• cold flow marks
• hot spots and cracking
  • porosity
• die erosion
• extreme high speed metal zones

is predicted in a very early stage of the design phase where correction of the design is still possible. The software is also often used to minimize part weight by optimizing the general wall thickness and eliminating superfluous ribbing.

The software we use is Flow3D with special expert modules for HPDC, AIR and THERMAL STRESS. Flow3D is recognised as being the market leader of flow-software and we 4C-Technologies has more than 15 years of experience using this program.

A typical computer flow simulation will take between 1 and 2 days depending on complexity of the part. The software programme needs a lot of information before a simulation can be made. Most of the input parameters are calculated by 4C-Technologies but the customer needs as a minimum to provide a 3D model of the part. If available the runner and venting system should be provided as well as the complete tool design. Most files are accepted but STL , IGS or STEP are preferred.

If needed 4C-Technologies can offer to help with the design of the runner and venting system of the die.

Click on the picture below to see a simple Flow3D animation (File size: 5.4 Mb Quicktime format)

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