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4C-Technologies were established in 2004 as a support company for users and producers of High Pressure Die Casting Products. The company is located in Skive in Denmark.

Lars Feldager Hansen is the company owner and has more than 15 years of experience in the High Pressure Die Casting process. He graduated from the Technical University of Denmark as a Process engineer and he has more than 7 years of experience as a Research and Development manager in a large HPDC foundry in Northern Europe and has been working at large automotive companies for more than 3 years as a designer of die casted magnesium parts.

This has given 4C-Technologies a unique mix of high theoretical knowledge and practical experience from running productions in daily life.

The customers vary from small foundries with few employees to large OEM’s with 10’000’s of employees. Customers are typically located in Scandinavia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, USA and Australia.

To be able to give the absolutely best guidance and support 4C-Technologies has strategic partners in USA, Asia and Australia. This keeps us up in front with new developments world wide.

4C-Technologies . Hemmersvej 24 . DK-7800 Skive.- +45 2446 0936 . +45 9753 7999